Monday, March 10, 2008

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2008 Class

Or should I refer to it as the Pop and Roll Hall of Fame 2008 Class. The two notable inductees this year are Madonna and John Mellancamp sans Cougar. I would actually watch the live telecast if Madonna was performing. An inductee that is not dead or in rehab that will be in attendance will not perform. What a shame and slap in the face to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I feel she is a very influential artist and is a fantastic entertainer. I think this move lacks class (no pun intended) on her part. She was the highlight of this year's class and is a pop pioneer. Maybe the Kabbalah juice has gotten to her head.
Anyways, enjoy the performance of Man on the Moon by 2007 Class Inductee, R.E.M and presenter Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam (Class of 2016? A band or performer is eligible 25 years after the release of their first record). R.E.M. exploded onto the music scene via the college airways. If it were not for them, we probably would not be listening to music by Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Bare Naked Ladies, and many others. It was a nice sight to see Bill Berry back again on drums after leaving the band due to health issues.

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